WICT Chicago 2020 fall Lunch and Learn Webinar Series Session 1

WICT’s 2020 fall Lunch and Learn Webinar Series is designed to help you create your best future as we move through this period of unprecedented challenge and change. We’ll look at how the work world continues to change—what’s at risk and how to prepare for consequent opportunities—and learn timely breakthrough skills and strategies you can apply to both present and future challenges.


Lead Yourself First: Navigating Times of Challenge and Change
Friday August 28th 12:00pm-1:00pm

In the midst of crisis or major change, it’s not unusual to feel stressed. In this session, we’ll work through a process to help you sort things out and strategically determine the best way to spend your time, thought, and energy as you navigate your way forward. Increase your sense of control and confidence, as we work together to:

  • Recognize your current mindset regarding your level of control.
  • Identify which aspects of a situation you face are outside your control, which are within your control, and those in which you might have some level of influence.
  • Learn strategies for each: Adapt, Take Charge, Exercise Influence.
  • Determine action steps to take for each.
  • Expand your thinking toolkit.

Bring your own specific situation involving challenge and change to work through during our session.

Jane Moyer, Talent Developer
Jane Moyer’s mission is to help you create your best future. Following a long career with HBO, where she served as Senior Vice President and General Manager, Jane founded talent development firm New Century Leadership LLC in 2005. Combining the best of timeless leadership and business principles with tools and thinking especially needed for 21st Century success, she works with a diverse range of leaders to uncover talents, upgrade skills, and develop strategies and confidence to deploy their full capacity and flourish.

Jane is a graduate of WICT’s Betsy Magness Leadership Institute and has led WICT-Chicago’s Rising Stars Mentorship Program since 2012. She is the award-winning author of Leaders Lab: 66 Ways to Develop Your Leadership Skill, Strategy & Style.


Aug 28 2020


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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