Benefits of Membership

WICT provides the most powerful B2B network in the industry, an unparalleled suite of educational programs and services, and original gender research to support the business case for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Connect to the most powerful network in cable, media, and technology to #LeadWithMore.

Membership Benefits

Educational Programs

Take part in Global and Local educational opportunities to help develop your career.


With more than 10,000+ members globally there are connections to be made!

Distance Learning

Gain an understanding of the industries most challenging issues to develop or enhance your competencies

Career Management

Looking for your next move? WICT's Online Career Center gives you access to over 200 media companies.

Local Access

With a solid foundation of 24 global chapters and counting, a local resource is never too far away.


Get recognized locally as well as globally through WICT awards

Discounted Student and Transitional Membership

Get or stay involved with WICT at the student level or if you became unemployed due to consolidation or lay off at a discounted rate

Research and Advocacy

WICT serves as a catalyst for industry change through research, development, advocacy and educational programs

Membership Categories & Dues

Executive Membership

Members are typically senior management professionals in director-level and higher positions

$299 per year / $598 for two Years

Regular Membership

Members generally hold mid-level or supervisory position

$195 per year / $390 for two Years

Entry Membership

Members occupy non-salaried (hourly) positions with no supervisory or direct budgetary responsibilities and less than two years’ experience in any facet of the cable telecommunications industry. After two years at this level, Entry level members will be automatically upgraded to Regular level.

$85 per year

Student Membership

Members are full-time students currently earning 6 credit hours at graduate level or 12 credit hours at undergraduate level. Students are required to provide current proof of enrollment along with expected year of graduation. Student membership can be renewed for a maximum of 4 years at this level. After 4 years, students are automatically upgraded to Entry level

$35 per year

*Two-year memberships are only available to Regular or Executive level members.
**Voting membership levels are important in selecting WICT chapter volunteer leaders and required for serving as a WICT chapter volunteer leader.

New members are welcome to join at anytime, however membership is based on the calendar year (January – December) and not the anniversary of your join date.

A full year renewal rate is $299 for Executive, $195 for Regular, $85 for Entry and $35 for Student membership. Your renewal rate may be lower if you joined after January in your first year because WICT credits you for the months you missed.

We offer a two-year membership option for Executive and Regular level memberships. A full two-year renewal rate is $598 for Executive level and $390 for Regular level membership. Your two-year renewal rate may be lower if you joined after January in your first year because WICT credits you for the months you missed.

Renewals for the upcoming year are processed starting November 1. 

Tax Information: WICT is a 501(c)(3) and its Federal ID #36-3814358.
WICT dues or contributions may be deductible as a charitable expense. Please consult your tax advisor.